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Eaton Wisdom Bridge Education was established in 2017. It is a high-end study abroad consulting service company that focuses on providing children (10-15 years old) with UK education and personal services.

​Young study abroad / local guardianship / quality study tour / training improvement

It’s hard to apply for a school for young students to study abroad. It’s even more daunting. The child is in a foreign land, helpless, lonely and almighty. Parents can’t help in a hurry. Eaton Huiqiao brothers and sisters can accompany their children .

We are irreplaceable, professional and reliable!


|The only one|

British resident professional Chinese tutor team

|All weather|

Studies, life, soul, secretary

Support from the four major tutor teams

|Follow more|

Students studying abroad will inform their parents at any time, so that they don’t have to worry about them


British Council certification

​British private school grant agent

|Chang Anfu|

Always pay attention to children's emotional changes

Accompany your children into the new life of studying abroad

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