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As the “base camp” of Eaton’s Wisdom Bridge education, the British Isle of Man is an autonomous island country with an independent government and belongs to the British Royal Territory. With a population of about 80,000, it is one of the most peaceful, safe and beautiful places in the world. This not only provides a peaceful living environment for the learning of young children, but also eliminates the safety issues that parents are most worried about. Historical and cultural relics and traditional customs and beliefs can be seen everywhere in the fairyland-like island. Residents will use steam and electric trains, and even horse-drawn carriages. The overseas study families who have been visited are all surprised by the tranquility and safety here. So whether it is vacation, residence or study, here is undoubtedly one of the best places to choose.

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The famous pastoral paradise

The famous pastoral paradise

​A hundred years of aristocratic private school

Well preserved tradition

​The sea most loved by children

The influence of growth environment on education

The island has beautiful scenery, close to mountains and rivers, rigorous public security, and simple humanistic customs. Growing up and studying here, children's personality quality and learning concentration can be infinitely improved and extended. The simple and innocent locals are highly tolerant of the foreign population, and racial discrimination is minimal. There are also many natural resources reserved here, and entertainment venues are even rarer, which greatly reduces parents' concerns about the impact of bustling urban entertainment on their children's studies. British Consulting recommends that international students can choose simple and healthy outdoor activities on the island, such as ball games, horse riding, cycling, hiking and camping.

King Williams College is a famous British Royal Noble School on the Isle of Man. It was founded in 1833 and has a long history. It has cultivated a large number of outstanding students over the past century. It is a member of the Association of British Schools (HMC, the most prestigious school institution in Britain) one.

The Isle of Man has its own income tax, import tax and profit tax. Taxation is independent of the UK's autonomous and independent low-tax area. Low corporate and personal taxes, as well as no inheritance tax and other high-quality conditions, make the region a world-renowned international offshore business center, attracting a large number of financial and high-end enterprises to register here. At the same time, the government has rich tax revenue, a high-quality comprehensive welfare system and public supporting facilities, and a complete medical system. The advantage of the tax rate has gathered a group of elites to live here, which improves the overall quality of the per capita, creates comfortable and comfortable living conditions for learning and education, and is more conducive to the comprehensive and comprehensive development of children.

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