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Everything you need for an international education


One-stop service for studying in the UK at a young age

The company provides a one-stop service for studying abroad at a young age, from early prediction and evaluation, planning study abroad programs for students, undertaking student applications, customizing parent-child visit to the UK interview itinerary, to one-year local tutor service, four tutor teams (academic tutor, life tutor) , psychological tutor, secretarial team) to solve all the difficulties that young international students need to face in the first year of studying in the UK. Eaton Wisdom Bridge comprehensively covers students' study abroad journey, so that students can have our company on the way to study abroad.

Eaton Huiqiao Language Institute

Academy of English (AoE for short) has established a language school for all international students and aspirants to learn English in a traditional boarding school-like environment. As the UK's first and only language boarding school, the school is fully staffed and well-equipped to provide English language education, professional accreditation, caring education and recreational activities for new students joining the UK education system each year. In addition to allowing students to achieve the target English score and obtain relevant certificates in a short period of time, they will also develop their understanding of British culture in an all-round way during the learning process, possess the correct attitude and knowledge required to fully integrate into the UK, and overcome cultural differences between the two places. , to help students quickly apply for admission to the best private secondary schools in the UK; through various advantages of local learning, to build a shortcut to the destination for international students and successful people.


Eaton Wisdom Bridge International Private School

Etonbridge College is now creating a private college that accepts only 6 students per year, borrowing the advantages of traditional boarding schools and providing more precise, 1-to-1 private education. During the four-year high school teaching, the school provides students under the age of 16 with a variety of courses throughout the year with sufficient teachers and comprehensive equipment and facilities. The course content and teaching mode will combine the individual strengths and psychological characteristics of each student to customize a personalized development direction for students, stimulate students' potential, and fully help students lead the way to success. At the same time, Home School pays more attention to enriching children's spiritual world and pays attention to their ideological changes. Through close contact with students, teachers subtly cultivate students' learning interests and hobbies. Extracurricular activities, hands-on study tours, etc., create a dream space for students that is similar to boarding school but better than boarding school and home school education. According to the teacher's experience, the focused education in small classes can ensure that 99.9% of the students can be admitted to the top 10 universities, and the A-level scores can be guaranteed to reach the level of A or above. In addition to complete mastery of English, French can also be used for daily communication; at least one musical instrument such as piano or violin has reached grade 8; British noble sports such as golf and equestrian will be compulsory courses.

Themed study tour

Language learning is developed through a combination of professional teaching, real life practice and above all joyful experience. A colourful six-week themed study tour gives children the opportunity to choose their favourite study package. Our curriculum is designed to combine 24 hours a week of professional English language tutoring with real-life English practice experience to train children to develop a solid English foundation and enjoy a summer full of passion and fun!

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Training and improvement plan

A two-week exclusive customized study tour experience, deeply understand the education and lifestyle of the British elite, walk with outstanding seniors and sisters, and learn their secrets to success. According to the actual needs of students, Eaton Wisdom Bridge Education has tailored a two-week training and improvement plan in the Isle of England.

Guardian Services

UK law states that all international students under the age of 16 must be supervised by a legal UK resident. Many boarding schools also require a guardian under the age of 18. We will act as dutiful guardians, attend parent-teacher conferences on behalf of parents, arrange student holiday homestays and transportation, provide emergency support, and more.


Application for Institutions (Private Schools/Universities) Services

Eaton Wisdom Bridge Education provides real and effective information on the British education system, college profiles, majors, and study costs; analyzes and evaluates students’ comprehensive conditions, further plans majors for students, selects suitable schools, and assists students in improving their personal statements. Integrate student application materials and apply to ideal colleges for students.

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