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Over hundred years of constant improvement, change, and refinement, British education has developed into one of the leading systems worldwide, with an excellent standard of traditional teachings and a wide range of research and learning sources. Not only does the education system provides a high-quality teaching standard, but it also concentrates on the overall development of the students; offering a range of diverse subject, developing students’ creative and logical mindset and encouraging the growth within students’ education.

English, as one of the most commonly spoken languages, has continued to develop over time. One of the central aspects of learning a language is the environment, which the UK provides at the most traditional and authentic standard. Furthermore, qualities of the UK are considered to be influential to many students, areas such as the economy, history, music, theatre, media, and literature provide an extensive amount of learning opportunities for international students. With a flexible yet strict legal system, a low crime rate certainly promises a degree of safety within the country.

Young learners at a prime age will have the ability to adapt to a new culture, society, and mindset with ease, expanding their social/academic circle, enhancing their skills to integrate within society. A wide range of subjects will allow students to identify their interests and hobbies at an early age, providing them with the opportunity to explore different subjects and gain a better ability to plan their future.

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