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Language learning is developed through a combination of professional teaching, real life practice, and most importantly happy experience. The colorful six-week themed study tour experience gives children the opportunity to choose their favorite study package. Our course design combines professional English language tutoring 24 hours a week and the experience of practicing English in real life to train children to develop a solid English foundation and enjoy the passion and joy of summer!

In addition to providing professional English training courses for students, we also welcome children of all ages to experience the mystery of the Isle of Man and have a deep understanding of British traditions and customs. There are more than 20 themes for you to choose from, and you can tailor a variety of characteristic study tours according to different needs and wishes.

Various themes

Nature Walk Hiking

Explore historical sites

Bicycle adventure around the island

Melody in music



Museum tour

The secrets of nature

Water sports sprint

Understanding the sea world

Animal Husbandry

food paradise

Magnificent building

Train in history

Equestrian experience

Entrepreneurship dream

Primitive adventure

Various sports


Into the fairy tale world

Crazy golf

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food paradise

I believe everyone has a certain understanding of traditional English breakfast, but many people still fail to understand the true meaning, origin and production process of British cuisine. Toad in the hole, pigs in blankets, Bangers and Mash are all authentic and traditional British cuisine. One week tour to the gourmet paradise of the Isle of Man will give you a new understanding of British cuisine.

Explore historical sites

British history is full of charm and mystery. From the Roman period to the Victorian era, traces of literary history have been preserved to this day. The Isle of Man has the most traditional and down-to-earth features in British history, a unique cultural custom.

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Animal Husbandry

Agriculture and forestry have a permanent history and help humans live today. They are also the two most important industries on the island. Whether you are interested in science or focus more on hands-on production, these two industries are suitable for everyone. One person's activity.

​Wandering around the ocean world

The seafood of the Isle of Man is world-famous. The seafood here has the freshest and highest standards, so tourists are reluctant to leave. In addition to such a delicious seafood meal, the Isle of Man also has a special care for marine animals, allowing tourists to have the opportunity to get close to marine life. In this beautiful ocean, you can also experience various types of water sports and immerse yourself in such a fascinating sea view.

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