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Parents' words

The trust of parents is our greatest support, and the voice of parents is our best affirmation;

​Along the way, we have moved forward together with our children, witnessing every moment when our children grow up and splendidly.

Sunny, 16 years old, Hong Kong

"Unknowingly, my son has been studying in the UK for a few months, and his initial worries and anxieties have turned into hopes and expectations. Why is there such a change... Then I have to thank my son's "Brother Ding Dong" (Rick Yau)—It’s that he made my son mature, polite, and self-confident... To be honest, many people think that going to study abroad is not just to find a college counselor, he will naturally do it for me for free, why bother to spend such a sum What about the cost? I thought the same way at the beginning, but after introducing their services by "Ding Dong Brother", I felt that the money was very worthwhile, and it was even more value-for-money!

Because in an environment where life is unfamiliar, the most tormenting day is to miss family, and the most fear is to adapt. If these are not handled well, it is easy to be emotionally unstable. How can you study well? Just ask why I am willing to spend money on studying abroad, but why he is stingy with spending money on spiritual supplies!

Accepting the service of "Ding Dong brother", he saved me a lot of trouble: first he gave me a proper understanding of the middle school my son is going to enter, and he properly helped me with the admission procedures and all the tedious things ( Including picking up the airport, buying school uniforms, buying personal belongings, etc.) and surprises them on the way to study: to show them the life outside the campus, and to be their psychological counselor at any time, so that my son can integrate into the local community more quickly. Culture and lifestyle, in addition to the academic issues that parents are most concerned about, "Ding Dong Brother" will follow up and explain with us regularly. All these intimate details touched me.

Why is it moved rather than thankful? Because his service does not lie in the service provided by your compensation; it is in the "heart", sincerely hope that his students will not only improve in their studies, but also in the level of behavior and affairs! "


Sara, 14 years old, Zhejiang

"Rick, time flies so fast, in a blink of an eye it is the beginning of a new semester! Last semester, I met you at school seems to be right in front of my eyes! I want to say, thank you, it’s nice to know you! I have always had some worries before, about For Sara’s study on the island, many friends are persuading her children to be too young to study abroad, so they are unavoidably worried, worried about her independence, worried about her making friends, and even more worried about what to do if she gets sick, for various reasons. After you get on, you will be solved. You are a very attentive and patient boy. Every time we have any questions, you always explain it to us so that we can learn more about the school and the Isle of Man! I am really happy to be able to meet such a loving team like you on such a small island...Thank you!"

Oscar, 16 years old, Hunan

"We met Rick by fate. I am very grateful to Rick for giving Xiaoliang his meticulous care and care in life and learning. It seems that Rick is young, mature and stable, patient and careful, and fully plays the role of a parent, not only professional after school. To make a study plan for the children, improve their learning methods, and organize their life in an orderly manner, so that the children feel the warmth of home, and often introduce the children to exotic customs, how to let the children integrate into the school in a shorter period of time, as a parent We are completely at ease! Thanks! Thank you! I also hope that in 2019, more lucky people like us will become attached to him and enjoy more quality services. Choose Rick and believe that Rick will lead more children to fly higher and higher. far!"


Emily, 14 years old, Yunnan

"My daughter is currently in the ninth grade at King William's College, and she also took two weeks of boarding experience classes here. From consultation, school visits to paper preparation, and final dormitory arrangements, there are Eaton Huiqiao Education Company and Rick With the help of Rick, Rick made specific analysis and suggestions for our situation. The process was very serious and thoughtful.

In the second half of 2016, we officially put the matter of arranging children to go to school in the UK on the agenda. Looking back on the entire process, from contacting and visiting the school, communicating with the principal and teachers at the school, filling out the registration form, arranging the experience of participating in the school boarding experience, successfully being accepted by the school until the end of the first fall semester, all of which are inseparable from Rick's support . Special thanks to Eaton Huiqiao Education for their great help. Because they can communicate with the teachers of the school one-on-one, and after they have carefully explained to us, we can understand the most real situation of the school, which is of great help to international students and parents. In addition, they also use their own experience to help us understand the British culture and life in advance, carefully help organize the materials needed by the school, actively communicate with teachers and give us timely information. Whether it's work hours or weekends, they take the trouble to answer our questions and provide us with a lot of very good suggestions. Throughout the process, their demonstrated abilities and caring for the families of students made us feel very confident about studying abroad. Unlike some study abroad institutions that are process-oriented, Eaton Huiqiao Education has tailored many special programs and activities for us. The attitude is serious, the language is enthusiastic, and the communication efficiency is high to make studying abroad smoother. "

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