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Eaton Wisdom Bridge Education was established in 2017, focusing on providing high-quality one-stop tutorial system services for young children to study in the UK. As an education company connecting China and the West, we are convinced that every child has his own spark, which guides them to personal success and defines their unique personality. Eaton Wisdom Bridge Education aims to ignite the brightest sparks of Chinese and English translation for young children in the spirit of guidance, stimulation, search and encouragement, and seize the perfect opportunity to study abroad. Two outstanding Chinese British tutors, leading the most professional team, formulating personalized services, personally guiding each international student, hoping to help more young students on the international stage, discover themselves, understand the true meaning of independence, and drive a successful life.

Service purposes

With the continuous development of China's economy, the number of students studying in the UK has continued to rise, and the trend of studying abroad at a younger age is particularly increasing. However, there is a lack of professional low-age study abroad institutions in China, and the misleading information of many study abroad agencies makes it difficult for parents to understand the true situation of overseas colleges and universities. They are struggling from the beginning of application. After elementary school students arrive in the UK, the difference between Chinese and Western cultures and the unfamiliar education system are even more difficult. Feeling difficult. Eaton Huiqiao Education breaks the status quo that "study abroad service" is only to help students apply for admission, and the service will be terminated after receiving the "Admission Notice"; it is determined to build a team that truly provides "study abroad service" for Chinese primary school students, from students applying for colleges; On-site interview counseling; visa tracking; arranging students to arrive in the UK for admission. Two native-born tutors will lead a professional team to solve all the difficulties that small international students need to face in the first year of school, guide students to integrate into the local society, and use professional knowledge and enrichment Experience helps Chinese young students to open up a smooth and smooth path to study.

Founding philosophy

Eaton Huiqiao Education is committed to opening a new chapter of studying abroad at a young age, breaking the status quo of "difficulties in studying abroad at a young age", and overcoming the practical difficulties faced by primary foreign students studying abroad, and is determined to provide real help services to the families of young Chinese students, using professional knowledge and enrichment Experience guides Chinese young students to open up a successful way to study and move steadily towards an international future.

​Base Camp - Isle of Man

The British Isle of Man, as the "base camp" of Eaton's Wisdom Bridge education, is an autonomous island country with an independent government and belongs to the British Royal Territory. With a population of about 80,000, it is one of the most peaceful, safe and beautiful places in the world. This not only provides a quiet living environment for young children to study, but also avoids the safety issues that parents are most worried about. The fairyland-like island is full of historical and cultural relics, as well as traditional customs and beliefs. Residents traveled by steam and electric trains and even horse-drawn carriages. The overseas study families who have visited are all amazed at the tranquility and safety here. So whether for vacation, living or studying, this is undoubtedly one of the best places to choose.

​words from parents

The trust of parents is the greatest support for us, and the voice of parents is the best affirmation for us;Along the way, we have moved forward together with our children, witnessing every moment of the children's splendid growth.

Student testimonials

The transformation and unique life experiences brought about by studying abroad at a young age are the most real feelings for children. The road to studying abroad at a young age is not easy, but we will accompany you all the way...

core team

The company's mentor team is professionally certified by the British Council and has been praised and recognized by many private schools. The company believes that a professional team can guide students to achieve their ideals and goals.

Founding Mentor-Rick Yau

Department of Foreign Languages, University of Nottingham

Department of Legal Business Management, London Law University


English Education Certificate

Educational psychology qualification

Professional Tutor of the British Education and Culture Association

"Study abroad is never easy, but if you have the right guidance, it will be an excellent opportunity for our future generations to go global. The core of success lies in a solid social awareness and academic foundation. Students often I am confused and afraid of not being able to integrate into the local community and education system, especially when I teach in English instead of my mother tongue. Over the years, my career plan has given me a good understanding of language learning, social integration and strategic learning theories applicable to foreign students. Research. I hope that our future generations of students will truly develop an international way of thinking, break the barriers of Eastern and Western culture and communication, and continue to cultivate their own abilities to contribute to society."

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Senior Tutor-Yvonne Cheung

University of Leeds Psychology

English Education Certificate

Educational psychology qualification

Professional Tutor of the British Education and Culture Association

​​"Academic richness is not only limited to the certificates in hand, but also the knowledge gained by students along the way. Parents or teachers should put the Oxford dream behind, because our offspring should not be stereotyped success or failure Obstructed. True success should start from the children discovering their dreams that they most want to ignite sparks for."

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