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In modern society, regardless of schools or enterprises, the requirements for students are getting higher and higher, and they must be professional and comprehensive in order to participate in the competition. High-intensity learning requirements, comprehensive talent and skills, and the temptation of the flowery world and electronic products, unless children are naturally intelligent and highly self-disciplined, it is difficult to be distracted. If parents want their children to stand out in the popular education system, they need to re-examine the traditional methods of education.


Etonbridge College is now a private school that only accepts 6 students each year, combining the advantages of traditional boarding schools to provide more accurate private education. During the four-year high school teaching, the school provides a variety of courses throughout the year for students under the age of 16 by borrowing the teachers and comprehensive equipment and facilities of famous schools. The course content and teaching mode will combine the individual strengths and psychological characteristics of each student to customize a personalized development direction for students, stimulate students' potential, and comprehensively help students lead the way to success.


Many parents have always ignored: the top universities' requirements for students' academic performance only account for 60% of the overall review, and 40% of the review comes from the comprehensive level of morality, intelligence, physical fitness; Etonbridge College will make full use of students' spare time and vacation to improve comprehensively Its comprehensive skills arrange students to participate in a large number of social practices, public welfare activities, high-end banquets, academic tourism, etc., to ensure that students are far away from competitors with the same score when applying for top universities; , music, artistic skills, rich internship experience in top companies, high-end social cognition, and perfect social network, whether it is entering the next stage of education or entering a career in the future, it has laid a strong foundation for practical combat. According to the experience of the team teachers, the focused education of the small class system can ensure that 99.9% of the students can be admitted to the top 10 universities in the UK, and the A-level scores can be guaranteed to reach the level of A or above.

Science Class


  • Accurate teaching, in-depth mastery of the knowledge of all subjects;

  • Personal guidance, planning the academic direction according to personal characteristics;

  • Absolutely safe teaching and living environment;

  • Arrange time reasonably and adequately to cover a wide range of knowledge and skills;

  • Formulate study plans and refine study knowledge;

  • Participate in social activities early to build awareness of all walks of life;

  • Regular contact with high-minded people in different fields and absorb the essence of their life;

  • Regularly go to world-class companies for internship observation through high-end platforms to create a perfect resume;

  • Participate in high-end banquets and expand your elite circle;

  • Targeted tourism, improve the vertical and horizontal world view;

  • Actively participate in charity and public welfare activities and cultivate a sense of social responsibility;

  • All-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, and admission to prestigious schools is guaranteed.

​life advantage

  • Professional child psychology teacher to accompany:

  • Accompanied by professionals to learn and grow, always pay attention to the rebellious thoughts and behaviors of adolescence, and guide them in time.

  • Fully stimulate hobbies:

  • In the process of life, teachers will focus on finding the interests of children and subtly integrate learning and life.

  • Close home-school relationship:

  • Students and staff eat and live together, just like a big family. Parents can participate in various activities and travel at any time, so as to provide everyone with a more harmonious home-school relationship.

  • No school bullying:

  • A small-scale education model can absolutely eliminate school bullying.

  • life skill:

  • Students participate in a life skill job every week, such as: cleaning, washing, cooking, gardening, carpentry, etc., to increase their independent living ability.

​Academic advantage

  • Tailor-made teaching: one-to-one teacher-student ratio, the teacher will tailor the course for each student according to each student's foundation, personality, ability, strengths, weaknesses, habits, learning ability, etc., so that students can Learn knowledge efficiently in the way that suits you best.

  • Fully understood and cared for: The personal relationship mode allows each teacher to have a deep understanding of students and their needs, so as to provide accurate educational planning and spiritual support to ensure that they learn happily and efficiently.

  • Strong support for weak areas: Teachers can use different learning methods to arrange the best study time reasonably and flexibly to help students strengthen and consolidate weak areas.

  • Significant improvement in performance: The professional team of teachers cooperates with each other and accompanies them around the clock. Using the fastest, most accurate, most effective, and most suitable directions, methods, and methods to input knowledge, culture, and skills to children, students will definitely get the best results. There are no students who can't learn, only teachers who can't teach.

​future advantage

  • Improve self-discipline: Teachers train students to live a regular life, take the initiative to face temptations, and take responsibility for consequences, so as to improve self-discipline and cultivate higher concentration.

  • Comprehensive skills: Efficient and fast teaching, allowing students to have time and space to get in touch with more sports, try various musical instruments, and develop various skills in an all-round way.

  • Comprehensive worldview: In addition to teaching, extracurricular activities, social activities, etc., the school will also broaden students' worldview through rich study tours, internships, and volunteer activities.

  • Strong social network: The school uses the strong international resources of the team to create and build a high-end platform for students, regularly contacts social elites, and participates in various charitable activities and banquets.

  • Social etiquette: Students and teachers eat and live together, and their words and deeds will be paid attention to. Students' decent dress, regular living habits, and elegant social etiquette will be cultivated throughout their lives, and the temperament of a gentleman and a lady is natural.

  • Entering a top university: In addition to precision education for students to achieve the best academic performance, the comprehensive quality and rich social practical experience cultivated in advance planning and implementation will create the most comprehensive personal resume for students, allowing students to easily visit any of the world's top universities .

  • Quick adaptation to university life: During the four-year private school study, students not only master the ability to learn, but also cultivate independent life skills. The practical experience accumulated by a large number of social activities can smoothly allow students to quickly adapt to the new university life.

  • Clarify life goals: In close contact with students, teachers can plan future development directions and goals for students early, so that students' efforts can be maximized.


Course content

The school offers 4-year courses, two-year IGCSE courses and two -year A-Level courses. In addition to scientifically-standard academic courses, private schools provide a wealth of extracurricular activities comparable to British private schools. Due to the special nature of private schools, we can also offer niche and targeted extracurricular activities based on students' personal interests .

People in Library


  • IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is currently recognized as the best system for connecting to A-level courses. Students' GCSE scores will be used as a reference for A-level and even university admissions.

  • At the IGCSE stage, students study 8-12 courses over two years.

  • Required courses include: English, English Literature, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, French/Spanish

  • Elective courses include: art and design, business, drama, economics, music and sports science, etc.

  • At the end of the two-year course, students are required to take a unified GCSE examination. Students' grades are mainly determined by the examination. Only a few subjects are assessed according to the students' learning throughout the year. The grades range from the highest 9 to 1, with 9 and 8. Representing the highest scores A** and A*, 4 is a passing score, which is equivalent to D.


  • A-Level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level), a British high school curriculum, is a British national curriculum system, an advanced level course for the British General Secondary Education Certificate Examination, and a university entrance examination course for British students.

  • The A-Level course certificate is internationally recognised and accepted by almost all universities as an entry standard for new students.

  • The program requires students to study three or four courses and take a graduation examination, and those who pass the examination can enter the university. A student's test scores and the A-Level courses they take determine to a large extent whether they can enter the ideal university and study the degree course of their choice.

  • The A-Level subjects offered by the school include:

  • Arts, business, economics, language, mathematics, science, computing, law, media, music, sociology and psychology, etc.

  • We require students to start planning at an early stage and have a clear choice of majors in the future, because some majors have special requirements for the selection of subjects, such as: studying medicine in the future, you need to study chemistry and biology during the A-Level period .

​extracurricular activities

  • In addition to the academic content, the development of students in a comprehensive and diverse manner is one of our teaching tenets. During the 4-year teaching period, we created a way to stimulate interest for students to the greatest extent, and asked students to focus on learning after selecting their own interests in each area, and obtain corresponding grade certificates or participate in various famous school teams to ensure that in a small area Receive the highest quality education within and engage with a wide social circle. The following courses are offered:

  • Music: Piano, Guitar, Violin

  • Sports: Football, Golf, Rugby, Squash, Hockey

  • Skills: Cooking, Woodworking, Auto Repair, Knitting

*Note: The above are only popular options in the UK. If students have additional needs, Eaton Wingbridge International Private School will make special arrangements.

Advantage activity

In order to ensure that students succeed in winning offers from prestigious schools, improving academic performance is far from enough. All-round development, broadened horizons, social experience, personality development, etc. will become the highlights that make students stand out. Therefore, private schools have set up the following more private and niche advantageous activities for students to enrich students' resumes and skills. experience:


  • 3 trips a year: 1 European tour + 2 UK domestic tours

  • Twice a month dinner with local celebrity teachers (lawyers, doctors, dignitaries, etc.)

  • Teaching British pure etiquette and traditional culture

  • Early academic and future planning based on student expectations

  • Conduct interview skills training and essay writing guidance according to the requirements of different famous schools

  • Arrange different internships, volunteer activities, Duke of Edinburgh Award, CCF (Combined Cadet Force) British student joint military training, etc. according to students' future plans

Couple in Library


The team of teachers will be fully supported academically by our partner Gateway School


Originally a girls' school, Gateways School was established during the war in 1941 and could only accommodate 15 pupils in its first year. This passionate, primary to secondary education school has achieved rapid success and continues to expand in response to popular demand. Although more and more people want to apply for admission, the school firmly believes that the quality of education is more important than the number of students, so in the process of selecting students, they focus not on their academic performance, but on their long-term suitability and personal potential.


Because the number of students is kept to a minimum, the focus and quality of teaching are outstanding. Over the years, A Level students have been 100% successful in gaining admission to their preferred university. Among them, 79% of the candidates achieved A/A* grades in the final exam, which is comparable to Eton College's 80% A/A* results, and surpasses Harrow School's 66% results, and 67% of the candidates achieved 3 or more. A/A* grades. However, Gateway School, which has always been known for its humility, believes that their level and quality should not be limited by the ranking of education companies that do not understand the essence of the school. It is precisely because of this persistence that they defend the school's reputation and success.


The success of Gateways School lies in having a professional teaching staff, all teachers have obtained professional degrees and qualifications from well-known universities. The current team is led by Chancellor Dr Tracy Johnson, who graduated in Physics from St Andrews University and successfully completed a PhD in Laser Physics and Optoelectronics. Dr Johnson furthered his career as a teacher by completing his PGCE and QTS training. With such an academically successful leader, students at her school are sure to achieve long-term success in their learning journey.

private boarding school

  • One-year study time: about 30 weeks (about 22 weeks in total for summer vacation, Christmas vacation, Easter vacation, and mid-term vacation)

  • 6 hours of teaching a day, lots of optional activities

  • Participate in optional activities on weekends, and plan and arrange by yourself during holidays

  • Large and small things must take the initiative to seek help and solve problems by themselves

  • It is difficult to absolutely avoid the occurrence of school bullying and drug stealing, and school counselors cannot always pay attention

  • Rich social circles, but student personality affects the extent of personal social circles

  • The school does not guarantee student results, with a maximum percentage of 80%

  • All university application credit programs other than academics require students to plan and arrange themselves

  • There is a professional team of teachers to help children deal with psychological and academic problems, but they lack enough time to spend time together and have limited understanding of children, so they can only treat them rationally, objectively and neutrally, and cannot ease children's problems in a humane way



​Eaton Wisdom Bridge International Private School

  • One-year study time: 42 weeks (10 weeks summer vacation)

  • 16 hours of leisure, teaching, sports, music, art arrangements throughout the day

  • The teacher will accompany you all day on weekends, with detailed plans for the holidays

  • Students receive high attention from 1 to 1 to 1 to 2, guided and arranged by professional teachers

  • Put an end to campus bullying, tobacco and alcohol, stealing drugs, and a professional team to guide and accompany you at all times

  • In addition to the study partners in the same class, it will also widely contact people of different age groups in the school orientation activities

  • A/A* score of 99.9%

  • Professional team planning arranges students to complete all the skills, talents, social practice, etc. required for college applications

  • Professional teachers can not only understand children's habits and psychological state, but also get along with children objectively and rationally

  • Guaranteed entry into the top ten universities in the UK



  • One-year study time: free arrangement

  • 16 hours a day, parents flexibly arrange leisure, teaching, sports, music, art

  • Parents accompany all day, life and learning are integrated

  • Parents are highly concerned, and children and parents discuss and explore with their parents on big and small matters

  • Monotonous social life will limit children's thinking, especially children are prone to uncontrollable changes during adolescence

  • Parents' social resources determine their children's world

  • Excellent academic performance

  • Parents should not only take into account their personal career and family, but also guide their children's life and study, lack of education professionalism

  • The comprehensive role of parents, friends and teachers makes it easy to get along with children, and treat things one-sidedly. The lack of third-party space and vision helps to deal with conflicts objectively, professionally and rationally.

selection criteria

Our criteria for evaluating and selecting students is not based on their grades or their English. Due to the special nature of private schools, we are confident to train the most potential students, even if the students have zero English foundation.


In addition to interviews, students are also required to take a personality test and a learning ability test before admission.

Music Class
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