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Study Abroad Service

The company provides one-stop service for studying abroad for young people. From the early stage of predictive evaluation, planning study abroad plans for students, undertaking student applications, customizing parent-child interviews in the UK, to one-year local tutor service, Eaton Wisdom Bridge fully covers students’ study abroad journeys , Let students have our company on the way to study abroad.

Early service

Initial consultation

  • The instructor meets with the students to understand the basic situation of the students

  • Answer questions for parents and provide objective and true information on studying abroad in the UK

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Predictive evaluation

Following the CAE Cambridge English Assessment Test Standards, academic tutors comprehensively evaluate students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities through oral and written tests, and assess students’ English proficiency according to the CEFR Common European Language Reference Standard

Oriented school choice

  • According to the students' comprehensive evaluation results, personal interests, personality characteristics and personal visions, plan the direction for the students and select the appropriate colleges and universities

  • Provide suggestions for improving English according to students' personal situation


submit application

  • Academic tutors guide students to perfect their resumes

  • The secretarial team integrates student application materials and submits student interview applications

Interview in the UK

  1. Customized itinerary: The secretary team tailors a 3 days and 2 night interview itinerary for each family, providing visa, flight and accommodation information

  2. Pre-departure preparation: The secretarial team serves the students’ parents to prepare before the departure, and provides guides for interview reference clothing, customs questions and answers, etc.

  3. Interview counseling: academic tutors and students conduct 1v1 interview counseling for up to 20 hours, practice interview conversations, improve interview skills, and improve English by targeted practice

  4. ​Local escort: When the student family arrives in the UK, a special car will accompany the interpreter and pick up, and the bilingual instructor will accompany the visit to the local and school environmental facilities, and accompany the interview


Successful admission

The secretarial team follows up on the progress of students' admission applications and provides admission notices for UK schools

Preparation before departure

  • The secretarial team assists students in the admission procedures and assists students in preparing the materials required for visas

  • The academic tutor maintains interaction with students and encourages students to continue to improve their English proficiency before entering school

  • The spiritual tutor maintains interaction with the students and encourages them to prepare psychologically for admission

  • Life tutors provide luggage checklists and explain in detail to students about transfers and customs entry

Local service

After the students arrived in the UK, the one-year local tutor team service officially began. Academic tutors, spiritual tutors, and life tutors have formulated a "rapid integration plan" according to the actual needs of young international students, and provide corresponding guidance, encouragement and assistance to students at different stages, and develop the skills needed by students. The secretarial team serves as an online resource to provide Online support. At the end of the one-year project, we hope that the younger students will be able to familiarize themselves with the local environment smoothly in the first year of studying abroad, easily find the resources they need, show a certain degree of independence in academic and social life, and adapt to the new education system , Integrate into the local cultural environment, and set sail on the study abroad journey under the leadership and guidance of our mentor team.


​Academic Advisor

  • According to the "rapid integration plan", assist students to adapt to the new teaching system and find effective learning methods

  • Close contact with school teachers and visit the school to understand the students’ learning situation

  • Work with students to develop academic plans, and provide suggestions and assistance when students choose subjects or need to make relevant academic decisions

  • Attend the school's parent meeting or meeting with the teacher

  • Write student reports regularly and provide feedback to parents about the current situation of students

  • Dealing with students' emergencies at school, such as receiving punishment or suspension of classes

Spiritual mentor

  • Encourage students to maintain a healthy attitude and positive motivation according to the "Quick Integration Plan"

  • Have regular online conversations with students to understand their growth

  • Pay close attention to the development status of students in terms of personality and emotions to relieve students’ stress

  • Write student reports regularly and provide feedback to parents about the current situation of students

​Life Mentor

  • According to the "rapid integration plan", guide students to familiarize themselves with local facilities and resources

  • Assist students in comprehensive preparations before and after the start of school, such as staying in the dormitory, purchasing school uniforms, daily necessities and phone cards, etc.

  • Close contact with the boarding teacher to understand the students’ living conditions

  • Regularly distribute pocket money on behalf of parents and record student expenses

  • Handle student emergencies, such as emergency health problems

  • Parents authorize to sign documents on their behalf, such as medical confirmation

Secretary team

  • Update student expense bills regularly

  • Regularly release mentor reports

  • Translate emails and messages between the school and parents

  • Assist in arranging conversations between tutors and students’ parents to update students’ current

  • Maintain online contact with parents, students and schools during working hours

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